Migration strategies for Accounting International Graduates – How to boost your points from 45 to 85 in two years’ time?

Accountant skilled migration

Are you an international Accounting graduate who pursues to obtain permanent residency through skilled migration and to secure an accounting job?

If yes, this post is for you. This is all about how to maximize your chance to become a permanent resident (PR) and land on your dream job in down under.


Accountants and Auditors are two of the most popular occupations for skilled migration in Australia. The competition is immense. The latest statistic published by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) indicates that the minimum points to get an EOI invitation is at all-time high – from 70 points in two years ago skyrocketed to 80 points in the latest round and the backlog is longer than six months. This means that if you are determined to live in Australia permanently, you must respond quickly and plan strategically.

Sam’s story - A common

scenario for an overseas accounting fresh graduate

Many Accounting fresh graduates came to us and asked how to increase their chance of getting a PR visa. As such, we decided to share some strategies to you from a modified real case. Let’s called this the Sam’s story.

Sam is from Hong Kong. He got his Bachelor of Commerce – Accounting degree in a renowned university in Australia five months ago. He is now 23 and has no accounting related working experience. He took an IELTS academic test before his graduation. The result was: Writing: 6.5, Speaking 6.5, Reading 7, Listening 7.5.

At this moment, he has 45 points only and he is not eligible to apply for general skilled migration as the minimum point is 65.   

As he was an international student and has recently graduated from a university in Australia. He is eligible to apply for the subclass 485 Temporary Graduate Visa  (commonly known as the 485 visa) which enables him to further stay in Australia for two more years with work rights.

What can Sam do to make good use of his 485 visa?

Strategy 1: Set clear goals and plan ahead

His goals are clear – To become a PR and work as an Accountant in Australia in two years’ time. He understands that the timing and good planning is of vital importance. Therefore, he came to FortuneChance Migration Advisory (FortuneChance) to seek for professional advice.

The registered migration professional from FortuneChance  guided him through the entire migration journey and advised him on his best migration option and career path. 

After setting the goals and devising the strategies, Sam can now focus on how to work them out. 

Strategy 2: Improve his English language proficiency  

He reckoned that a superior level of English language proficiency is the most effective way to get an extra 20 points towards his point test score. Therefore, he enrolled an online English language course and focus on improving his writing and speaking skills. He practised writing and speaking when he off his work. It was a really long way for him but finally he managed to achieve all band 8’s for his IELTS academic test in his sixth attempts.

Strategy 3: Take the NAATI Credentialed Community Language (CCL) Test 

At the same time, he enrolled the CCL test which will give him an extra 5 points if he passes the test.

So far, by achieving superior English level and passing the CCL test, he can add further 25 points to the point test score. His score becomes 70 now.

However, it is still not enough for him to get an EOI invitation. He should look for other means to get extra points. Therefore, he signs up for the Accounting Professional Year Program (Accounting PYP).

Strategy 4: Enrol to the Accounting PYP and get an Accounting related job

The Accounting PYP is approved by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA). It is available to overseas students who have an Australian accounting degree qualification as a result of at least two years’ study in Australia.


Accounting PYP was developed by CPA Australia, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and the Institute of Public Accountants. It is delivered by registered providers who have been approved by the three professional accounting bodies.


This program last for 44 weeks which include 32 weeks of classroom study and 12 weeks internship placement. He is able to equip himself with industry-specific skills and familiar with Australian workplace environment. 


After the course, he joined the company who worked in his internship as an Accounting Officer. 



One year later…..

The case story continues, and Sam is now 24 with one year of Australian working experience in related occupation.

Let’s look at his current point score, with a full year of Australia working experience he can get extra 5 points. And his points can also be raised by 5 points when he reaches the age of 25.

When he reaches 25, his points will be: 


In summary, he managed to boost his marks from 45 points to 85 points in two to three years’ time by doing the following:  

  1. Seek professional advice from Registered Migration Agent
  2. Set clear goals and plan ahead
  3. Take English language course and improve his English language ability to superior level
  4. Take the CCL test
  5. Enrol to the Accounting PYP and get an Accounting related job

What we can learn from this story is that the one who takes action and setplanning and goals, seek help from the professionals can finally managed to get the required points score for an EOI invitation and subsequently get a PR visa successfully.

FortuneChance Migration Advisory is an Australian registered migration agent, we are here to join you and assist you to plan strategically and work out your goals and migration plan. With our step by step assistance and one-stop solutions, our clients are able to find the best option towards the permanent residency and make their dreams come true.

Act now!  Contact us for more information regarding our Accounting migration program, English language online practice course and Accounting PYP today. All the best to all Accounting major overseas students!

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