5 Reasons for Hong Kongers to pick Australia as their immigration destination


There has been a growing trend for Hong Kongers emigrate from their hometown. According to the latest statistics published by the Security Bureau of Hong Kong, Australia is the second popular immigration destination. There were approximately 2,100 Hong Kong people migrated to Australia in 2016. Notably, this figure increases for two consecutive years.

The below highlights five reasons why Hong Kongers choose to pick down under as their new home.

Reason 1: A robust education system for our next generation

In Australia, compulsory schooling starts at the age of five or six to sixteen. State or territory governments run public schools which are free to both permanent resident and citizens. Local students are given priority to attend their closet school and are guaranteed a place at their local high school. Apart from public schools, there are also private schools run by religious or independent organisations. These schools are fee-charging regardless you are a local or international student.

At primary schools, the curriculum focuses on developing interpersonal skills such as, tolerance and teamwork. Subjects like basic language, arithmetic, health and social education are taught. Secondary school’s subjects include languages, maths, sciences and humanities. The curriculum inspires the students to lead a healthy lifestyle and become young adults in a diverse society.

For tertiary education, there are 43 universities in Australia which offer a wide range of courses – from science to business, law to social science and humanities to engineering. Australian universities rank high among the world’s best particularly in engineering, medicine, environmental science and accounting and finance disciplines.

Reason 2: Moderate climate and better air quality

Although Australia is a continent which experiences various climate– tropical in the north and tempera in the south, the climate in major capital cities is pleasant.

The table below summaries the temperature range of the capital cities throughout the year (in °C)

Sydney 19-26 14-23 7-17 13-23
Melbourne 14-26 11-20 6-13 10-20
Brisbane 21-29 17-26 9-21 16-26
Perth 17-31 13-26 8-18 10-23
Adelaide 16-29 13-22 7-15 11-21
Hobart 12-21 9-17 5-12 8-17
Darwin 25-32 24-33 19-31 25-33
Canberra 13-28 7- 20 0-11 7-19

Source: Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology

Apart from that, you can also enjoy the clear blue sky and take a breath of fresh air which seems to be a luxury to people living in Hong Kong.

Reason 3: Higher living standard and ample living space

It is no doubt that the quality of living in terms of housing and working hours in Australia is higher than that in Hong Kong.

For most of the millennials in Hong Kong, owning a tiny flat is simply out of reach, let alone a house. However, living in a house is just an ordinary thing in Australia. According to the latest census which shows about 72% of occupied private dwellings were separate houses with an average of 3.1 bedrooms per occupied privately. Although the property price in Australia is also on an upward trend, it is still very affordable to own a house in most of the cities in Australia when compared with that in Hong Kong.

The table below sets out the median house and unit price in June 2017 in major capital cities:

Median price in June 2017 (in AU$’000)





Sydney 760 1,178
Melbourne 475 866
Brisbane 375 546
Perth 378 556
Adelaide 312 525
Hobart 310 404
Darwin 352 667
Canberra 403 723

Source: Domain.com.au

In respect of working hours, Aussie seldom work overtime. Business closes sharply and off work to enjoy their lives. One can realise the true definition of “work-life balance” and spend more time with your family and hang out with friends!

Reason 4: Comprehensive social welfare system

Australia has a comprehensive social welfare system. Permanent residents and citizens who satisfy certain conditions, are eligible to various kinds of social welfare.

Some common types of welfare are listed out below:

Family tax benefit

This benefit is known as Milk allowance for children (牛奶金). The Federal Government offers this type on-going payments with the aim to reduce families’ burden by subsiding the cost of raising children. The benefit amount depends on household’s income and the number of children the family have and the age of the children.

Child care benefit

The Government also offers a range of one-off payments. One of the examples is the new born upfront payment and newborn supplement. For those working mum who is the primary carer of the newborn baby, they may be eligible for parental leave pay.

Child care rebate

It offers the parents to save up to 50% of the child care expenses for enrolling the approved child care.

Newborn upfront payment and newborn supplement

The government will pay a lump sum (as of July 2017 was $540) to the family for the newborn baby. For newborn supplement, it depends on the income and number of children the family have

Aged pension

For residents in Australia who reach the age criteria (currently 65 years and 6 months) or above and have been living in Australia for ten years, they may be eligible for aged pension and receive an amount fortnightly. The amount may vary depending on their assets and income.


Reason 5: Health care system

Australia’s health care system – Medicare is publicly funded. Under this system, Permanent residents and citizens are entitled to free public hospital service and subsidised treatment from practitioners and allied health professionals. A higher benefit will be given to those who reach the Medicare Safety Net to share their burden of out of hospital costs.


We only list out five most commons reasons for “Why Australia?” and of course, there are many more. Wish to explore the ways of immigrating to Australia?  Please read another article in our blog or ask us now!

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